SHR # 1301 :: The Get Strong Show PLUS Fermented: A Four Season Approach To Paleo Probiotic Foods ::

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Jill Ciciarelli

The discussion is driven by the realities of change. Coach Johnson discusses the loss of strength he experienced as striving for a healthy body-weight became his primary goal. This prompted Carl to open up about his hamstring injury and his decision about surgery. The conversation became a bit emotional for Carl at the realization that his injury heralds the end of an era. PLUS Ciciarelli has provided the ancestral community with an amazing gift. A book that teaches us how to produce a wide variety of fermented foods, drinks and condiments. This is  must have for anyone striving for peak health and performance.

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0 # cogrick2 2013-11-11 13:48
I meant "after [Brooks'] injury".
0 # cogrick2 2013-11-08 07:35
Yep, this was a special show. I also was surprised when Brooks said he stopped wrestling after his energy. He had to make a new goal. Surprising to hear Carl still lifting heavy after this injury, although lighter. I will enjoy hearing Wade and Wes talk about injuries and overcoming them. I think Wade said during this show that he squatted a lot of weight just a few days after an injury. It was less weight than what he wanted but still impressive. I wonder if that required performing certain steps.
+1 # Gabe Winski 2013-11-05 13:14
This was a very powerful show, Carl. You and Wade brought up some heavy but critical topics that we often brush under the carpet. All too often we just don't consider these kind of hard truths until we personally, and unexpectedly, have to deal with them.

I'm only 24 years old but I sometimes have to remind myself that despite certain challenges I face now I'm very blessed at the same time. Your injury is deeply frustrating and upsetting Carl but I appreciate your attitude and decision to forgo surgery and look for new challenges.

I know that you've seen this recovery stage a chance to focus on your pressing movements and upper body and from my perspective I'd say that you've dominated posterior chain exercises for half you life, perhaps nows a good opportunity to see how far you can take your top half :-)

Again, great show guys and I look forward to hearing your next installment together.
+1 # Mike Henry 2013-11-04 10:24
Great show as always. Sorry to hear the news on your injury. I have also had to adjust my training over recent years. The Hex Bar is now my best friend. You will find workarounds. Charles Staley EDT training replaced my heavy lifting and has given me new ways to measure my progress. Best wishes and keep getting stronger!

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