SHR # 1295 :: The Mentality Of Overcoming Obstacles ::

Guest: Brooks Kubik

The words of many people in the Super Human Nation prompted this discussion. Many have shared with me, after revealing my recent injury, that they too are facing obstacles in their lives of various types and proportions. Kubik and I distillate the approach needed to overcome obstacles no matter what they are. The discussion then morphs into an evaluation of the notion of genetic potential which fits nicely into the framework of the overall theme of this show.

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0 # Russell Campbell 2013-10-27 19:39
Hello Carl.
Thanks for the show. After having not trained for about a year due to calcific tendonitis which then became a frozen shoulder in my left shoulder I can certainly relate to obstacles. But now I'm better largely as a result of the positive energy, outlook and info that your show provides. I wish you all the best with your recovery. Hang in there.
0 # Gabe Winski 2013-10-24 12:30
Carl, thanks so much for taking the time to discuss my question about genetic potential. I was really delighted to hear it on the PowerHour with Rob and then getting Brooks' input is extremely valuable as always.
You all brought up some great insights and I found the discussions to be very motivating and thought-provoki ng. Genetics definitely get blamed for a lot of sub-par results but I now feel you're dead on when you mention that a lack of planning and long term approach to a goal is what really holds many of us back.
Thanks again for discussing my question in such detail :-)

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