SHR # 1279 :: The BluePrint Power Hour ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Mike Johnston

Johnston joins Regish and I at the beginning of the show. He is the VP of American Strongman Corporation and he comes on to talk about the upcoming competition in Vegas at the Olympia. He also stick arud to give his answer to a listener question on the deadlift. - Neck Pain While Deadlifting - Any Benefits To Higher Rep Deadlifts - What's The Best Way To Stack Synthagen And Tranqilogen - What Does Rob Think About Fish Oil - Does Dr. DiPasquale's Anabolic Diet Really Work - How Did Rob Get His Start - Does rob Use Any Of The Products Produced By SHR Sponsors - BP Tip Of The Day: Does Robus Coreanus Really Raise Testosterone Levels By 1,100% And Growth Hormone Levels By 300% - Plus More

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