SHR # 1271 :: The SuppVersity Science Roundup: DHEA..What Is It? What Does it Do? Is It Worth It? PLUS A New Look At Healthy Vitamin D Levels ::

Guest: Adel Moussa - Dr. Chris Masterjohn

We discuss every aspect of DHEA based on the available research. Does it improve performance, raise testosterone levels, build muscle, help you lose body fat, improve mental function and much much more. Is it a good thing to supplement with, dosing and why. PLUS Dr. Masterjohn's discussion begs the health industry to take a different look at Vitamin D testing and what should be perceived as beneficial serum levels. Like so many things that are good for you.... there's always more to the story. This is a must hear interview for any clinician who suggest Vitamin D as a supplement to their patients.

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