SHR # 1268 :: The Magic of Micro Algae PLUS Is Carl The Only One Who Does This Weird Thing ::

Guest: Dr. Roland Thomas

I became intrigued with algae as a health and longevity tool when I did some of the earlier shows on spirulina. Then I learned about Micro-Algae. Dr. Thomas discusses the large body of research that shows that Micro-Algae has been shown to positively influence performance, disease and longevity. Dr. Thomas also gives away a free book that discusses the research to any listener who calls the telephone number provided or emails Dr. Thomas. PLUS Carl has a strange habit. He reveals this weird thing he does and wants to know if anyone in the Super Human Nation does this as well.

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0 # Yahushua 2013-10-01 09:16
Great insights. What would algaes/ocean minerals would you recommend for a regeneration diet? Thank you
+1 # knab 2013-10-01 07:04
Howdy, great shows!! But I was wondering where is show number 1267?
0 # Joseph Siciliano 2013-09-17 13:55
Hello Carl. I saw a movie this weekend and thought of Monsanto. If you've never seen Soylent Green, you should watch it! Talk about foreshadowing about the Government being in charge of feeding the overpopulated masses! I won't ruin it for you and let you know what the outcome is, but at least look it up.

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