SHR # 1266 :: A Darwinian Perspective On The Linkage Between Sleep Apnea, Attention Deficit Disorder And Small Jaws PLUS Is There Really A Difference Between Synthetic And Natural Vitamin C ::

Guest: Dr. Kevin Boyd - Dr. Tom Levy

Children are snoring and it is causing a variety of problems. Dr. Boyd takes an Ancestral look at the changes in our jaws and how this is effecting our children. This is an important discussion and may have dramatic implications. We also discuss what can be done about the issues. PLUS Is there a difference between the effects of synthetic and natural Vitamin C? Dr. Levy explains.

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0 # Mike Henry 2013-09-05 13:17
Great show! I developed sleep apnea in my senior year of high school. My instructors deemed me lazy and I went from being in the top 10 percent to an average student. I didn't figure out that it was apnea until maybe 15 years later due to a coworker pointing it out. The Cpap drives me crazy so I elected for surgery. Better but not cured.

Thanks for your work.

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