SHR # 1262 :: Run Your Gym Or Personal Training Business From Your SmartPhone With This App PLUS Why Women Need Fat ::

Guest: Nicki Violetti - Jim Laird - Dr. William Lassek

Violetti, part of the Super Human Nation,  and her team developed Front Desk - an app that can also be accessed using a simple web browser that makes running any personal services business as easy as checking Face Book. Since so many in our community provide nutrition, training, mentoring and other services I felt this was a great opportunity to deliver some info that can increase your bottom line while improving efficiency. Laird gives his own personal estimation of the app. PLUS Dr. Lassek looks at the conundrum of women and body fat using the evolutionary model. This discussion is so fascinating as it traverses everything from why men are attracted to specific body forms to a priceless tip that every soon-to-be mother must hear that will minimize the amount of fat your body develops during pregnancy. This is a must hear interview.

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