SHR # 1253 :: AgeForce To The Rescue PLUS Agricultural Subsidies And The American Obesity Epidemic PLUS The Hidden Cost Of Moving Up: Type 2 Diabetes And Persistent Poverty In The American South ::

Guest: Steve Lapidus - Caroline Franck - Richard Steckel

Lapidus offers the ultimate never-before-offered free trial on the weight loss patch to the Super Human Nation. PLUS Franck's paper discusses the fact that the most highly subsidized crops in America are also linked to the obeseogenic model. This begs the question if it's a conflict of interest for the US Government to also make nutritional guidelines that seem suspiciously to support the consumption of the crops they are most heavily invested in. PLUS The Southern USA is a notorious hotbed for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. A focus on "comfort foods" like those promoted by cooking queen Paula Deen seems only to be part of the problem. Steckel discusses why this is and what should be done about it.

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