SHR # 1250 :: Does The Pump Really Build Muscles ::

Guest: Brad Schoenfeld - Bret Contreras

Does training for the "pump" really make muscles bigger? Does it make muscles stronger? Does the pump contribute anything to hypertrophy at all? Both Schoenfeld and Contreras have authored a paper that will be published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal shortly that  answers many of these questions and more. This lively interview traverses what is on most people minds who spend any time in the gym. What training style appears to be the most efficient way to build muscle?

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+1 # Titanium 2013-08-14 07:02
Yes it is indeed great. I would really love to follow this expert. Will start from tomorrow. Thanks buddy for sharing this nice post and awesome material.
0 # cogrick2 2013-08-09 18:05
Sounds like there's research supporting your technique, Matt. I did my first higher volume, pump-pursuing workout in a while after hearing this show and then Rob's comments earlier in the week to the guy seeking to recover strength lost from some years ago. I am persuaded to believe that these pump-focused/fl ushing/GH-boost ing and glycogen depleting (if I remember Rob's summary correctly) workouts belong in any strength-focuse d athlete's regimen.
+1 # Mattlaw30 2013-08-08 11:57
Great interview and great to here the differing opinions on the pump in comparison to what Brooks K. has to say about the pump. What I like to do is finish up my heavy sets with 1 high rep flushing set to get a nice pump. It doesn't seem to cut into recovery and takes under a minute to complete so hardly adds much time to a workout.

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