SHR # 1247 :: CASUAL FRIDAY ::

Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Our Newest Young Super Human - Should We Be Taking Health Advice From Gwyneth Paltrow? - Is Kate Middleton The New Iron Lady? - Lavender Packs Get SHR Thumbs Up - Would You Fall For This? - New Tongue Patch Latest Alternative For Those Seeking Weight Loss - As Predicted By SHR: EPA Raises Acceptable Limits Of Glyphosate To Protect Their Clients - FDA/USDA Protects Company That Poisoned Over 400 People Across 16 States - The Linkage Between Dental Hygiene And Alzheimer's Disease - Thumb-bells... Really? - Is The Full Moon To Blame For Your Bad Night's Sleep? - New York Introduces Healthy Bucks: Why Don't The Just Use Food Stamps The Way They Were Intended To Be Used? - Plus More And Listener Questions And Comments

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