SHR # 1243 :: The 9 Hallmarks Of Aging PLUS Building Muscle Mass The Dinosaur Way Part 3 ::

Guest: Dr. Maria Blasco - Brooks Kubik

Dr. Blasco's group participated in a multi-disciplined effort to list the 9 markers of aging in the human body. We list each and briefly discuss their importance and effects. PLUS Kubik gives us the 3rd installment designed to add 20 pounds of muscle in six months. We discuss the ability of the program to work for different groups such as older men, young men and women. He covers which movement build the most mass, sets, reps and days to train. Also, does cardio fit into the program, and if so, what type and where.

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-2 # ProudDaddy 2013-07-29 18:18
20 pounds of muscle in six months for a 72-year-old ectomorph like me? Show me the science.

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