SHR # 1241 :: The SuppVersity Science Roundup - Fish Oil And Prostate Cancer - Does Artificial Sweetener Cause Blood Sugar Management Issues - The Linkage Between Breakfast And Heart Attack ::

Guest: Adel Moussa

Every guy out there is still confused about the prostate cancer and fish oil study. Moussa clears this up by looking at what the scientist who performed the study really intended the message to be. PLUS Do artificial sweeteners cause a metabolic derangement that causes an inappropriate way you manage blood glucose? We examine the reality of this assertion in the mainstream media. PLUS Does missing breakfast increase your risk of suffering a heart attack? Hear what they completely missed telling you as it relates to this message.

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+1 # NYC James 2013-08-09 12:59
There are so many unquantified claims and generalizations made to all supplements that I am suspicious of this article. Feels like big Pharma trying to control things again. Similar to the whole cholesterol scare and the need for Statin drugs. The study is too small to draw such far reaching conclusions.

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