SHR # 1231 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Toothpaste: Do You Really Put That Stuff In Your Mouth PLUS AgeForce Says Try Any Patch For Free

Guest: Rob Regish - Ray Spotts - Steve Lapidus

Glycemic Index And Glycemic Load - Why Are Muscles Catabolized if You Have Body Fat - Inexpensive Nitric Oxide Booster Alternative - Some People Are Effected By Sesamin - Rhodiola: Stimulant or Sedative - Alternative To Back Squat For Back Pain - Plus More PLUS Everyday many of us put known toxins in our mouth. Even if you avoid fluoride there are a list of ingredients in toothpaste that are well know to be dangerous. So what's the alternative? Spotts has an answer.  PLUS Lapidus has an "any patch for free" offer for you.

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