SHR # 1230 :: Twelve Thoughts To Propel Lifelong Physical Culture Goals PLUS Super Human: Joey Gleason PLUS Why Are the People Who Need It Most Not Getting It ::

Guest: Brooks Kubik - Joey Gleason - Kahn Santori Davison

Kubik gives his list of twelve thoughts to focus on to help motivate and fixate a person to employ the Physical Culture lifestyle for the long term. PLUS Gleason is just another one of us. His story may ring true with you as well. His journey continues as a Super Human and now he inspires his children to become Super Human as well. PLUS Santori Davison and I talk openly about a topic that has too long been silent. The inner cities of this Nation and more specifically the African-American population are the most vulnerable to the diseases that ravage us. How do we change this?

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+1 # cogrick2 2013-07-08 20:34
I meant to thank you for analyzing prostate cancer differences between American whites and blacks and now I see you are investigating the racial differences more deeply. I think this analysis can help everyone. Looking over this entire summary, I really look forward to hearing this episode.

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