SHR # 1225 :: Menopause, Estrogen And Frailty PLUS How Screening For Frailty In Both Men And Women Can Prevent Deaths::

Guest: Dr. Anders Nedergaard - Dr. John Morley

Frailty is what we in the Super Human Nation fight against every day. Dr. Nedergaard discusses scientific evidence that supports estrogen replacement for some women to help avoid muscle weakening and frailty onset. PLUS Dr. Morley is asking physicians to use his FRAIL test to determine if a patient is in fact becoming frail as frailty is linked to earlier death for a variety of reasons. He also discusses real-world approaches to reversing frailty. PLUS Carl announces a new upcoming series that will address health and longevity from the African-American perspective. Barriers produced availability, wrong messages about diet and disease, exercise and activity and resistance from within the community will be addressed. In step with the Men's Health Initiative a special emphasis on the unique health challenges faced by African-American Males will be included. The show will be joined by blogger Kahn Santori Davison.

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