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Co-host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Opposite Ends Of The Longevity Spectrum: Galdolfini Versus Kimura -  That Vitamin D You're Taking May Be Bogus - So Obesity Is Officially A Disease... What Now - Target To Remove GMO From Major Brands - 50% Of Americans Are On Pharmaceutical Drugs - That Flu Vaccine You Just Got May Have Genetically Modifies Insect Cells In It - GMO's Linked To Leukemia - Over 25,000 Bees Found Dead After Herbicide Spraying - Japan Says Thumbs Down To HPV Vaccine - Monsanto Executive Receives Global Honors For Destroying The Food Supply - Many Natural Alternatives Outperform Pharmaceutical Drugs - More Bad News For Colonoscopies - 8 Food Ingredients Banned In Other Countries But Approved By The FDA - Plus More And Listener Comments And Questions

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