SHR # 1214 :: The Fall Of An Empire: MuscleMag And Oxygen Magazines File BK PLUS GMO Foods Toxic To Health New Study Shows PLUS Walnuts: Study Shows Another Reason They Are Heart-Healthy ::

Guest: Scott Welch - Howard Vlieger - Dr. Claire Berryman - Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton

Welch is publisher of Muscle Insider magazine. We discuss the realities of the failure of the publishing empire left behind by Robert Kennedy and what it means to the fitness and bodybuilding communities. PLUS Vlieger was on the show in 2008 talking about the effects of GM corn and soy on the hogs he raised. Now 5 years later he's been involved in the publishing of a peer reviewed study that shows conclusively and undeniably that GM corn and soy are toxic foods that cause disease. PLUS Dr. Berryman and Dr. Kris-Etherton discovered a new way that walnuts and the oil of walnuts protect you against heart disease and vascular irregularities.

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