SHR # 1207 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Changes In The Brain That Sustain Obesity PLUS These 4 Lifestyle Changes Protect Your Heart And Reduce Your Risk Of Death ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Eduardo Nillni - Dr. Haitham Ahmed

Regish answers listener questions - Should A Breastfeeding Mom Try And Loss Weight - What's A Hise Breathing Shrug - What Happened To Synthagen - Are Anabolic Steroids Really That Dangerous - Is Convict Conditioning Effective - Can The Adidas Lifting Shoe Make You Stronger - PLUS The BluePrint Tip Of The Day: A Walk Down Memory Lane PLUS The landscape of brain hormones of the obese individual change in ways that reduce energy regulation and sabotage the diet process. How can we reverse this? Dr. Nillni discusses these and more. PLUS Dr. Ahmed lists 4 lifestyle changes that can protect your heart and prolong your life.

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