SHR # 1204 :: The SuppVersity Science Roundup PLUS Raw Milk Win In Wisconsin: The Case Of Vernon Hershberger ::

Guest: Adel Moussa - Elizabeth Rich Esq.

On this week's SuppVersity Science Roundup we addressed - Artificial Sweeteners And Their Effects On Insulin Production -  Is It Really Bad To Spike Insulin - Why Glycemic Load May Be More Important Than Glycemic Index - How Insulin Makes You Fat ONLY When You're Insulin Resistant - Some Of The Dangers Of Over Training Syndrome - Hey Doctor Those Lab Tests May Not Mean Anything If I'm A Hard Training Athlete - More Proof The RDA For Sodium Intake Is Flawed For Hard Training Individuals - Plus More - PLUS Rich is the attorney that represented Vernon Hershberger in his recent trial. Hershberger is a Raw Milk Farmer who was unjustly attacked by Wisconsin Food Safety Department. A jury of his peers kept the judge honest and Raw Milk had a great victory.

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