SHR # 1202 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Target Blood Levels Of Vitamin D That Protect Against Acquired Diabetes PLUS The Comeback After Hip Replacement Surgery ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Robert Heaney - Mark Domme

Hydrolysed Casein Versus Calcium Caseinate - What About Regular Chiropractor Visits to Help Performance - Should I Change Protein Sources From Time To Time - How Much Rest Is Beneficial For Hormones And Recovery - Do Organ Systems Up-regulate Along With Strength - Mountain Climber Nutrition - PLUS BP Tip Of The Day: Gauging Recovery PLUS How much Vitamin D is enough when trying to influence a positive insulin sensitivity response? Dr. Heaney's group looked at this and also discovered the same amounts influence better blood pressure as they discovered the "sweet spot" of 25-hydroxy D levels. PLUS Domme is a 47 year old natural bodybuilder who had to have a hip replaced. We learn about his journey back to full recovery and strength.

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