SHR # 1195 :: Doves, Diplomats And Diabetes: A Darwinian Interpretation Of Type 2 Diabetes And Related Disorders PLUS Training To Enhance Coordinated Working Relationships Between The Nervous And Muscular Systems ::

Guest: Dr. Milind Watve - Rob Terry

Dr. Watve's discussion about the evolutionary pressures that are effecting obesity, insulin resistance and other associated diseases is as outside-the-box as one can imagine. Imagine that our body's response to the lack of aggression, risk and fear are causing us to respond differently. This response makes us prone to fat accumulation. And exercise protocols that reintroduce the risk and fear components that we evolved under can actually be part of the prescription to change the outcome of disease! This is a must-hear game-changing interview. PLUS Terry discusses a training style that may influence many of the adaptations Dr. Watve talked about. Terry experiences the anticipation of injury, risk and intensity that turns the body into the epitome of fluid-strength we are all capable of being. 

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+4 # Melchior Meijer 2013-05-19 05:54
Carl, listened to your interview with professor Watve this morning while chasing an imaginative hare in the Dutch mountains and I was totally blown away. He’s a genius. I was shouting ‘Yes, Wow, Incredible’ tot the cows ;-) and could feel your thrill too. This biologist truly takes the paleo paradigm to a whole new level. Just made a blogpost about it. Thanks for the terrific work you do. You’re a great interviewer with a ton of knowledge and you change lives!
+2 # Dave_B 2013-05-18 20:51
Far and away the best interview I've heard in a very long time. Great work.

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