SHR # 1193 ::The Cure For Everything PLUS How Metabolic Damage Is Keeping You Fat ::

Guest: Timothy Caufield - Dr. Layne Norton

Caufield's new book discusses one of my favorite topics.. the bad information out there that is perpetuating the obesity epidemic. We talk about diet, training and the anti-aging movement. PLUS Eat less and move more is not working long-term for many who need it most. This may be why so many obese people give up and opt for gastric bypass surgeries. Metabolic Damage.. or perhaps more appropriately, Metabolic Adaptation is part of our evolutionary hardware designed to protect the body. Dr. Norton, host of Muscle College Radio, discuses how this genetic gift makes your eat-less-do-more-cardio approach actually make you fail at getting leaner. And how "reverse-dieting" can actually help you overcome this phenomenon. 

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