SHR # 1190 :: Ottawa Health Department Suspends Students For Not Getting Vaccinations PLUS Sleep Problems Increase Risk Of Prostate Cancer ::

Guest: Dr. Janet Levatin - Dr. Lara Sigurdardottir

The Ottawa Health Department used a very heavy-handed approach with the parents of school children to get vaccinated or be suspended from school. They claimed that the "anti-vaccination movement" is based upon pseudoscience and quackery. And that vaccines are not only without risk but so effective that next to clean water and sanitation, are the greatest contribution  to public health that exists on the planet. But are they really? Listen to Dr. Levatin's very well informed and balanced discussion and learn for yourself.  PLUS Dr. Sigurdardottir's group found a linkage between poor sleep quality and prostate cancer. Yet one more reason in the continuing discussion about the importance of not only getting to sleep on time but getting good quality sleep.

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