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SHR # 1189 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS HRT For Women: It's Not Just About Hot Flashes - HRT Improves Muscle Function ::

Guest: Rob Regish - Dr. Lars Larsen

Regish delivers answers - Caloric Zig-Zag For Bulking - Yohimbine For Fat Loss - Which Protein For Which Purpose - The Real Adrenal Fatigue - Does Rob Like His Oatmeal Raw - Should You Lower Macro-nutrient Intake Levels If Intermittent Fasting Increases Absorption - What's The Deal With CO Q10 - PLUS BP Tip Of The Day: The Return Of The Weight Gainer: Fad Or Fashionable PLUS Dr. Larsen's group looked at the effects of hormone replacement therapy on the aging muscles of postmenopausal twins. They discovered more evidence to support HRT for women.

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