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SHR # 1188 :: Can Intermittent Fasting Prevent Diabetes And Heart Disease PLUS Modify Diet And Exercise Habits At The Same Time For Best Results PLUS The AgeForce Patch Helps You Lose Body Fat ::

Guest: Dr. James Brown - Dr. Abby King - Steve Lapidus

Dr. Brown's group has determined that the newly-popularized 5/2 intermittent fasting model can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and the associated risk of heart disease very effectively. Now, getting doctors to come up to speed and to start discussing this with their patients.. that's another story all together. PLUS Exercise appears to be the gateway to better progress when compared to diet interventions alone. When combined, the person has a win-win for greater fat loss and healthy living. But while doctors may suggest a patient see a dietitian, they very rarely suggest a patient see a personal trainer. PLUS Lapidus drops by to invite listeners to try the AgeForce Fat Burner patch free for thirty days.

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