SHR # 1185 :: Just One Can Of Soda A Day Increases The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes By Over 20 Percent EVEN Artificially Sweetened PLUS RG Cell Special Promotion For The Ladies::

Guest: Dr. Dora Romaguera-Bosch - Dean Miller

Miller drops by to make a special offer to listeners. PLUS Dr. Romaguera-Bosch and her colleagues looked at over half a million cohort-strong study to elucidate if any risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes existed in individuals who drank even one can of soda a day. What was more disturbing is that regardless of whether the soda was sugar sweetened or artificially sweetened the increased risk was the same! This is a message that can't be circulated often enough n a world where so many people are GIVING themselves this disease.

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