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SHR # 1180 :: The Magic Of A Myers' Cocktail PLUS The Human Gut Microbiome, Obesity And Surgically Induced Weight Loss PLUS The Kentucky Derby Of Physical Culture ::

  • by Carl Lanore

Guest: Dr. Tom Levy - Dr. John Morton - L. Brent Jones

The Myers Cocktail is a favorite of many Naturopathic doctors to treat everything from general fatigue to Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Migraines, Cardiovascular Disease and more. Patients claim rapid relief from symptoms. Those involved in athletic performance claim it gives them unbounded energy. Dr. Levy discusses the Myers Cocktail and what may be at the core of its benefits. PLUS Brent Jones stops by to talk about the upcoming Kentucky Derby NPC Championship. PLUS Dr. Morton's group has looked ta the role that gut microbiome plays in developing obesity as well as how obesity effects the microbiome. We also talk about a phenomenon that occurs after gastric bypass surgery to the landscape of the microbiome that may play a role in using gut flora to treat disease some day.

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