SHR # 1177 :: Fetal Exposure To Tributyltin Linked To Obesity In Offspring PLUS BPA Substitutes Just As Troubling As BPA PLUS Decreased Melatonin Associated With Higher Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes ::

Guest: Dr. Bruce Blumberg - Dr. Cheryl Watson - Dr. Eva Scherhammer

Dr. Blumberg's group have shown that Tributyltin, a chemical found in many things we come in contact with including PVC water pipes, causes obesity and fatty liver. The real problem is that it has trans-generational epigenetic effects as well. PLUS Knowing that your plastic water bottle is BPA free is not enough. You must find out what the BPA has been replaced with as Dr. Watson points out. The BPA replacement may be just as dangerous. PLUS Low levels of melatonin production are linked to an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes. What does this mean to you? And what can you do about it to protect yourself from disease?

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