SHR # 1167 :: How Knee Wraps Effect Performance In The Back Squat PLUS When HDL And Cholesterol Get Divorced PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup ::

Guest: Dr. Jason Lake - Dr. Kasey Vickers - Adel Moussa (akaProfDr Andro)

Dr. Lake's group looked at how wearing knee wraps effect performance in the back squat. Are you stronger? Can you produce more power? Do they protect the knees or place them at greater risk of injury? PLUS Not all HDL cholesterol is created equal. Dr. Vickers wants you to understand that some HDL is good for you but having high HDL levels does not mean you're healthier. Learn which forms of HDL are protective and which are not. PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup - Does Fasting Really Mean You Can Eat Anything You Want To And Lose Weight - Is Fasting Effective If You're Already Obese - 23% Increase In Performance Right There In Your Pantry - Mineral Water Increases Insulin Sensitivity In Menopausal Women - Stretch Your Time In The Gym - DHEA For Better Sleep - Oxidized Fish Oil Just As Bad - Plus More

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0 # cogrick2 2013-04-02 18:46
I would love to know if you try the knee wraps, Carl. I just went back to squatting and I may use mine soon.

I too cannot tolerate more than a small amount of baking soda. I think even what Adel uses would be too much. I wonder if those of us with sensitive stomachs have more trouble with baking soda. Carl, do you still have any digestive issues?

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