SHR # 1162 :: RTDOSHA #33: Listener Questions Answered PLUS SPECIAL EDITION SuppVersity Science Roundup - Adelfo Cerame Update ::

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Coach Rob Regish - Adel Moussa (aka ProfDr Andro) - Adelfo Cerame Jr

Listener Questions: Upper Body Equivalent Of Deadlift - Benching In The Power Rack - Learning To Oly Lift - Using Your Local University Gym - PLUS Adelfo Cerame Jr. just won his IFBB Pro Card at the Wheelchair Nationals Bodybuilding competition in Florida. So what did he change about his diet and training between his 2012 competitions and this one? Listen and learn.

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0 # Jelani 2013-03-22 16:27
The guys over at 3DMJ are great and I'm thinking of hiring them myself. Get em on the show if you can!
0 # Adam Fiddler 2013-03-21 20:14
Hey Carl,

I sent you guys a thank you email to [email protected] for answering my questions but I couldn't find Rob's or Wade's email online, so please feel free to forward it to them as well when you get my email.

I looked into your suggestion pullovers and they seem like a solid choice to say the least. Apparently they've been a favorite exercise of:

Dorian Yates
Frank Zane
and the list goes on...

Seems like pretty good pedigree right there.


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