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Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

Eww.. Gross.. Alisa Tells Two Gym Stories - Slumber Bummer - Are Women Grumpier Than Men - The Grass Fed Whey Protein Confusion - What The USDA Considers "Grass Fed" - Dietitian Kathy Tallmadge Says You're Too Stupid To Understand What Is Health So Eat Your Gluten - Should Wheat Be Treated Like Heroin - Take A Z Pack And Call Me After You're Dead - The Most Obese State In The US Has A "Don't Tell Me What To Eat" Law - Soda Or Water - I'M Getting Sicker But I Eat Healthy - Resveratrol To Become A Prescription Drug - Plus More And Listener Emails And Comments

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0 # FrancisV 2013-03-29 07:12
I dont really think the Ezekial bread is worth it. Up here in Canada there are two good companies for bread. A conventional one is Dimflemeir (sp?). They have a good arrangement of german style breads. Another one is little stream bakery. Their bread is great and there are gluten free options however you need to consume it quick or it moulds.
0 # Cesar Kastner 2013-03-25 01:18
I have not tried the Ezikiel brand bread products yet. I did manage to read the labels once at my local store and they all contained wheat gluten. I figured why try if cheaper bread has the same gluten content on the label. does the sprouted grain nutritional value justify the cost of the bread product?

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