SHR # 1156 :: The Role Of Metabolic Stress In Muscle Growth ::

Guest: Brad Schoenfeld

Schoenfeld is author of the new book The Max Muscle Plan as well as author of several Peer Reviewed papers on building muscle. We discuss the difference between stressing the muscle and the metabolic stresses of specific types of exercise that appear to greatly influence muscle growth. We traverse numerous topics in the scope of the discussion including things that effect muscle growth like metabolic changes in the working muscle, satellite cells, hormones and growth factors, vascular restriction, periodization and more! This is a lively fast moving discussion that is sure to influence how both men and women approach their exercise routine.

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0 # Fred Berman 2013-03-13 16:05
Instead of using Kaatsu, perhaps using lighter loads, ~40 to 50 1RM, tonic force and reduced ROM to maintain intramuscular pressure could produce similar results?

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