SHR # 1151 :: Bikini Competition 101: A Primer For Beginners PLUS Catching Fire: The Role Of Cooking In Human Evolution ::

Guest: Christine Hronec & Richard Wrangham

Hronec is on the fast track to getting her Pro Card as an NPC Bikini Competitor. She answers questions for the uninitiated who may be thinking about competition in this friendlier class. We cover every topic imaginable including the standard training and diet to stage presence, grooming, picking a posing suit and shoes and everything in between! PLUS Wrangham is a British Primatologist and Biological Anthropology Professor at Harvard. His recent book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human explores the origins of human's cooking their foods to dispelling myths that somehow raw food is superior to cooked food. An amazing discussion takes place at the end of the show about why Dr. Francis Pottinger's cats may have died from the cooked food diet!! You'll find it only here on Super Human Radio!

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0 # M 2013-03-13 10:19
Brilliant interview with Richard Wrangham. Old ideas challenged and found dead in the water. Pottenger's cats; who knew? Thank you Carl for asking intelligent, prescient questions, and offering opposing views to your guests.

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