SHR # 1145 :: Big Pharma, The FDA And Epigenetics: Autism And Spectrum Disorders Hidden History ::

Guest: Jill Escher

In the 50's through the 70's the FDA approved many drugs given to pregnant women to aid in fertility and full term pregnancy that are now at the root of an investigation looking at the potential transgenerational epigenetic effects of these drugs on the development of widespread Autism and Spectrum Disorders we see today in the grandchildren of these women. Escher discusses these drugs and how they may have effected the germ line of their daughters and hence their daughter's offspring. An important discussion.

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0 # Jill Escher 2013-02-25 14:28
Carl, thanks for featuring this new autism causation hypothesis on your show, and for your ongoing interest in intergeneration al epigenetics. I wanted to clarify that gestational drugs can affect the male germline as well as the female germline, so autism fathers should also be curious about their own past exposures. Many thanks for being a courageous pioneer journalist regarding this and related topics.

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