SHR # 1144 :: Demystifying The Female Libido ::

Guest: Dr. Jen Landa & Steve Lapidus

Dr. Landa is an Advanced Fellow at the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine where she teaches physicians about the linkage between libido and health. She is also the author of "Sex Drive Solution For Women" We discuss the female libido. Even at a young age a woman can experience libido changes that may indicate underlying health issues. Dr. Landa covers her H.A.R.S.H approach to helping women regain a youthful libido as well as their accompanying health. This is an especially important show for the male listeners as we need to understand the issues that may effect our partners. Dr. Landa tells how to take advantage of three free videos that are designed to help Rewire Your Desire. Great interview! PLUS Steve Lapidus stops by to talk about AgeForce's new Libido Enhancing Patch.

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