SHR # 1142 :: FDA And Missouri Milk Board Terrorizes Small Family Dairy Out Of Business :: Guest: Denise Dixon ::

Guest: Denise Dixon

The Dixon's operated MorningLand Dairy until the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board unjustly forced them out of business. The two culprits at the Missouri Milk Board - Don Falls and Gene Wiseman - refuse to be fair with the Dixons by ignoring the countless "clean" tests of Morningland's cheese and confiscated and destroyed over $250,000 worth of cheese even though it tested to have no pathogens. Something smells at the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board and its not Morninglands cheese! Listen to this story and put yourself in the Dixon's place. Our rights to access healthy natural foods is being encroached upon again. 

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+1 # Seanny 2013-02-21 22:22
Just another way the FDA seems to be destroying Americas on chance are real survivability in emergency situations. The less local farms the less chance of survival in real emergency situations. We really seem to be deteriorating our food sources.

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