SHR # 1136 :: Holistic Dentistry PLUS The Linkage Between Gut Microbiota And Autoimmune Disease And Why Women Are At Greater Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis And Lupus Than Men::

Guest: Dr. Stephen Lawrence & Dr. Jayne Danska

Dr Lawrence points out the way most dentist poison their patients under the current standards of dental care. He dispels the myths about where cavities come from, fluoride, root canals, anesthetic injections, tooth paste and much more. He also identifies the products that can lead to greater dental quality and oral health without dental intervention. PLUS Dr. Danska's group is working on an area of science that promises much hope for treating autoimmune disease. She talks about the linkage between gut bacteria and the development of autoimmune diseases as well as how we differ as men and women to these effects. We also talked about the potential to change ones outcome through nutritional interventions. This is one of the most exciting interviews I've done in a while. Great guest!

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0 # win5 2013-02-20 13:35
I had dental work today and requested septocaine as detailed in the interview. It was no problem and no additional charge. I gave the Dentist a copy of the article about this on Dr Lawrence's web site. Just go to wellnessdentalc and search for lidocaine to find the article.

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