SHR # 1135 :: A Comparison Of Modern Diets To Ancestral Diets And The Effect On Gut Microbiota That Promotes Inflammation, Leptin Resistance And Obesity ::

Guest: Dr. Ian Spreadbury

Dr. Spreadbury's recent study has been the subject of discussion and interpretation throughout the Paleo Blogosphere. In his own words he discusses his research into the effects of the exclusion of grains - most notably the core of the "Healthy" Westernized Modern Diet - and Ancestral Diets and how it effects the gut microbiota which in turn produces changes in Leptin sensitivity and inflammation. This is a unique perspective as the discussion about grains and refined sugars and starches has always been from the insulinogenic angle. This changes the focus to the effects of micro-organisms resident in our digestive system and how they may cause obesity in absence of the insulin response link. Very insightful discussion. Listen and learn.

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0 # Paul34 2013-07-19 02:42
I was just listening to this show which was great. Dr. Spreadbury is a wealth of information and really open minded to seeking the truth of the connection between gut flora and disease.
By the way Carl, your pronounciations are usually quite good but in this instance you cited a study and pronounced the University of Guelph as GELLIF. It is actually pronounced GWELF. I'm sure there were a lot of listeners from the University and in Southern Ontario wondering where this strange university actually is.

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