SHR # 1133 :: School Is In Session: John Parrillo PLUS SuppVersity Science Roundup ::

Guest: John Parrillo & Adel Moussa

Parrillo addresses a variety of nutrition and training topics including the myth of over-training, insulin, MCT's, fat loss and more. How to get his 543 page Sport Nutrition Guide PDF for free as well. PLUS Moussa applies the SuppVersity sniff-test to science in the news - More On The Auto-Bulimianator - Glutamine May Help Hard Training Athletes Boost A Lagging Immune System - Protein Blend Outperforms Isolates In Overall Muscle Building - Methylnortestosterone To Treat Multiple Sclerosis - SIRT3 May Be The Real Fountain Of Youth - Today's Athletes Are More Altruistic.. Or Maybe Not - Lance Armstrong Is Not Alone - Viagra For fat Loss In Men And Women - Plus More

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0 # Jason Jones 2013-01-31 22:02

Why are Thursday's show never available to download on iTunes?

Since Adel commenced his Thursday show this has been the case.

Regards Jason

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