SHR # 1132 :: Red Wine The Next Performance Enhancer Plus Masking Agent PLUS How Statin Drugs Reduce Muscle Power And Output And Increase Insulin Resistance ::

Guest: Dr. Declan Naughton & Dr. Steen Larsen

Dr. Naughton brings more exciting information on his second appearance on the show. This time he speaks about poly-phenolic compounds that have the potential of both elevating testosterone levels while modifying epitestosterone ratios to allow athletes to potentially avoid detection. This discovery may have more profound benefit for the male HRT patient as well. Listen and learn how. PLUS Dr. Larsen group identified how statin drugs may lead to a reduction of muscle function while increasing insulin resistance. This is critically important now that many physicians are prescribing these drugs to people with no risk factors for heart diseases citing them as providing prophylactic benefits.

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