SHR # 1131 :: Hair Care Concerns Contribute To Exercise Barrier In African American Women PLUS Once Again Women Must Do More To Reap Same Positive Health Outcomes As Men PLUS The BluePrint Power Hour ::

Guest: Dr. Amy McMichael & Dr. Jill Kanaley & Rob Regish

Any perceived barrier to exercise must be addressed. African American women may shy away from exercise more often than their Caucasian counterparts due to hair-care concerns. This is not about vanity! These are real effects on quality and condition of hair that must be recognized by the fitness community. PLUS Diabetics are told that exercise can help manage and even reverse the disease. Women may not see the benefits as readily as men from specific modalities of exercise. PLUS Regish answers listener questions about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS The BluePrint Tip of The Day is one about a little know performance enhancer that is sure to pique the interest of the more serious athletes.

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0 # cogrick2 2013-01-31 06:07
I appreciated the discussion about black women (most significantly but other curly-haired women as well) and exercise. At the very least, publicly acknowledging the challenges is affirming for these women and will reduce unfair judgment when they choose solutions that some currently find unattractive. For example, coming to work with their hair wet or in a non-straight, natural "Negroid" hairstyle.

In other news, the great ideas in this Power Hour pushed me over the edge and I just subscribed to the Blueprint Bulletin.

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