SHR # 1128 :: RTDOSHA #30: Smart Periodization PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup ::

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson & Rob Regish & Adel Moussa (aka ProfDr Andro)

Periodization done intelligently is the discussion. Why periodized training is even important first. Also not getting pigeonholed by the calendar and a 7 day week. In this area Regish and Johnson don't see completely eye-to-eye. PLUS Moussa delivers on this episode of the SuppVersity Science Roundup - Intranasal Insulin The Next Big Diet Craze - Flavenoids And Breast Cancer Risk - Maternal Caffeine Consumption May Cause Smaller Genitalia In Males - Sip, Swish And Spit Pre-workout Drink For Better Performance - Post-Heart Attack BCAA's The New Treatment - Ashwagandha and Betaine As Performance Enhancers - Plus More

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