SHR # 1124 :: Managing The Pain Of The Game PLUS Genetically Modified AquAdvantage Franken-Salmon: Is It A Salmon Or Is It An Eel ::

Guest: Dr. Craig Banks & TNA Wrestling Superstar Rob Terry & Dr. Becky Clausen

Rob Terry puts his body through an amazing amount of stress from training. How does he deal with minor injuries and soreness? Dr. Banks knows the answer to this very well. PLUS Dr. Clausen and a colleague took a close look at the potential ecological, and human health risks of the FIRTS EVER Genetically Engineered Transgenic Salmon that, if the company AquaBounty and our unscrupulous FDA have their way, you will be eating very shortly. We examine many of the myths that purport the need and safety of this franken-food and explain how YOU can take action to stop this from happening.

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