SHR # 1117 :: Dan's Plan PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup ::

Guest: Daniel Pardi & Adel Moussa

Pardi has formalized his plan for better health and fat loss offered through his website where visitors can sign up to use his approach and a host of tools. Dan's Plan is quite different than other sites offering training and nutrition services. First of all its free. Second he incorporates a methodology that focuses on health and longevity who's byproduct is a fantastic body. PLUS Moussa delivers the goods yet again. Why science should never be oversimplified - Caffeine as a fat burner: Its more complicated - Ghrelin is anti catabolic - Do you eat more as a result of exercise - BCAA's -vs- complete protein: which is better - Which complete proteins work best - plus more.

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0 # cogrick2 2013-01-09 07:20
Okay, I listened to this three times without full attention so can someone help me: Was it said that BCAAs appear to be contraindicated prior to exercise (outside of a complete protein or EAA product like Mass Pro Synthagen) but good to add to either after exercise?

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