SHR # 1099 :: Saturated Fat Consumption And Effects On Body Fat Accumulation Inflammation And Insulin Resistance PLUS Intervention ::

Guest: Dr. Reilly Enos & Coach Dan John

The linkage between health and saturated fat consumption has been blurring as of late. Dr. Enos group is adding to that discussion with their most recent research that looks at varying levels of saturated fat consumption and their effects on inflammation, fat creation, immune function and insulin resistance. The result are quite exciting. PLUS Dan John discusses the need to identify why you train in order to better learn how to train properly as we look at his new book Intervention. John traverses a variety of exciting and provoking topics as usual.

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+1 # cogrick2 2012-12-04 07:43
Have not listened to this episode yet but I want to comment on the latest newsletter - Carl spoke about being a hardgainer and that was a surprise to me that then made sense. When I think hardgainer, I think small person. I need to replace that association with hardgainer means nothing specific in appearance. Carl Lanore is extraordinarily strong and it was a pleasure - 450 pound deadlifts and dumbbell curls with maybe 70 pounds come to mind - to read his thoughts on how hardgainers may be the genetically gifted. We get stronger with time no matter how we appear.

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