SHR # 1090 :: RTDOSAHA #26: Wave Training -Vs- German Loading Patterns PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson & Rob Regish & Adel Moussa

Coach Johnson And Rob Regish take different positions in their application of training approaches. Regish takes a calculated approach while Johnson uses more method and feedback from workout to workout. Both have similarities in goal setting and metrics. PLUS Adel Moussa delivers the goods in this episode of the SuppVersity Science Roundup - More On Activity Levels And Longevity - Is Plyometrics And High Intensity Interval Training Hurting Your Progress - Sprinters Need Protein With Their Carb Drinks - Caffeine For Better Skin - Is Your Sweat Protecting You Against Skin Cancer - Do NSAID's Help Or Hurt Muscle Gains - A Traditional Chinese Herb That May Benefit The Liver - Glucose Without Insulin Is Like Muscles Without Growth - The Form Of Vitamin E That Might Cure Cancer

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