SHR # 1087 :: Male Hormone Replacement Therapy 101 PLUS Interval Sprints -vs- Traditional Cardio And Their Effect On Appetite Suppression

Guest: Dr. Dr John Crisler & Dr. Kevin Deighton

Crisler has helped more men turn their lives around with interventional hormone therapy. We discuss some of the most basic questions most men may have when considering HRT including what causes andropause, blood tests, which hormones to pay attention to, what preparations of hormones perform best and what to do if your doctor is not up on the latest HRT techniques. PLUS Dr. Deighton discusses his recent study that looks at the appetite effects of high intensity intervals versus slow traditional cardio. Quite surprising and counter-intuitive results are drawn.

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0 # Willy 2012-11-12 20:12
Was wondering if Dr. Crisler had any info or opinions on Clomid in very low doses, 25-50mg EOD? I didn't hear anything about it in the show.

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