SHR # 1075 :: How To Turn 2.5 Minutes A Day Into The Best Fat-Burning Workout Possible PLUS Obesity: A High Risk Behavior That Should Be Treated Like Any Other


Guest: Kyle Sevits - Pam Killeen & Kenneth Krause

Sevits' group at Colorado State looked at interval training comprised of short bouts of sprinting and longer recovery paced sessions and the overall energy expended. The results proves that you don't have to train for hours to see a modest but significant effect on body composition. PLUS Killeen joins me as I discuss the plight of Krause who was thrust into the mainstream media and wrongfully labeled a bully by Jennifer Livingston when he offered insight  and help into how he lost weight. This caused me to address the fact that Obesity is the Nation's greatest economic threat yet Obese people want special rights and considerations not available to the rest of us. Most importantly, not to pay attention to the effects of their lifestyle choices. This interview is sure to upset some.. but is none the less accurate and important.

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-1 # Dary 2012-10-25 08:51
The media did a hatchet job on this story locally here. The way it was reported was that he sent an email saying it was her DUTY to lose weight if she is going to be on TV. In the interview he didn't sound like that was his message to her and that he was more supportive. I even understand her initial reaction of being offended because nobody wants to be reminded they are fat (coming from experience). But what she decided to do was reprehensible. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

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