SHR # 1073 :: Children, Sleep And Injuries PLUS What To Do When Your Baby Won't Sleep PLUS Prostatitis Discussed PLUS SHR SuperFan: Shawn Knernschield

Guest: David Aiello & Shawn Knernschield

As a parent with school-aged children, you may be increasing your child's risk of sports-injury by allowing them to stay up late at night. PLUS When your baby or toddler doesn't sleep through the night.. neither do you! But what can a responsible parent do? PLUS Chronic Prostatitis is seldom discussed in the open due to the stigma. Aiello sheds light on the symptoms and what can be done. PLUS Shawn Knernschield has been listening to SHR since its meger beginnings. He gives his opinion about the show and some funny stories.

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