SHR # 1071 :: Scientist Make Old Muscles Young And Strong Again To Reverse Aging PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup

Guest: Dr. Andrew Brack & Adel Moussa

Age related muscle loss known as osteopenia causes elderly to lose their independence. Muscle loss in general causes damning biological changes that lead to a variety of diseases. In the athlete, increasing muscle growth is an important part of the process. Dr. Brack's group has discovered a way to increase muscle satellite stem cells biogenesis and deployment that wards off muscle wasting and potentially puts muscle gains into high gear. PLUS Moussa puts some of today's top scientific stories in the news to the SuppVersity Sniff Test. Protein Pulsed Feeding Or Bolus: Which Increases Muscle Gains Best - Nitrates As An Ergogenic Aid: Do They Or Don't They Work - Good News For Women: Breast Cancer Development Has Much More To Do With Lifestyle Choices Than Genetics - Multi-Vitamins In The Spot Light Again: So What's The Truth

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